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We've been together for so long,
Now you have to leave?
What have I done to you?
Why do you have to go?

So you've chosen a new path,
You know you don't want it!
Take your leave and let me be,
I'll find a way you know I will.

Take your leave of our ways,
Start fresh anew with the witch!
You know what she is, as do I,
She'll take you to your grave.

I'll hate then I'll change,
You'll never forget but I have too.
A life I had, but now has gone!
Alone I am, to die I won't!

That was then, this is now;
Although I still have hate for the witch,
You've gone never to return,
But I'm alive with a life.

Is that what you meant to give?
Abandoning me to me?
Or did you love another?
As I do now.

I'm drifting as you can never do,
You swapped us for a prison,
Slowly sapping your life away,
Only as a black witch can.

I can see your regret,
Eating away at you,
I see your tears,
Soaking your cheeks.

My feelings for you are dying,
We can never go back, you know,
You hurt me deeply,
When I needed you most.

Cry to the witch, see if she'll be there,
To hold you in the darkest night,
Only to understand what we had,
When it's way, way to late.

With a tear in my soul,
I have to go now,
The changeless hath changed,
The unforgiven has to go.

Dated: 14th July 2006