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The Beast Within

And yet the beast doth grow,
Can I speak yet?
Forever gnawing inside.

Is this the place?
For I know my own kind,
And only a few dwell here within.

My soul cries for release,
To be with my own,
And are any here now?

A touch, slight of leather,
A forced hand,
A slender...
See, 'tis nearly there.

A child within cries,
Cries for more and more,
And now the time is so close,
Dare I even reach?

For the beast must retch,
That is what we're told,
Damn this society!

Until a time may come,
When we can all unite,
Crushing the innocent,
As they deserve!

Never can I speak,
Never mind do what I wish,
Such a simple thing,
And oh so innocent.

So, so innocent.

Dated: 22nd October 2005