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Beast Return

Flesh torn and bleeding,
Dragging my way home,
Alone in what I've done,
Afraid for what I'll do.

Anger and hate fills my soul,
Still fighting my way through -
Tearing and hating crowds,
Memories that they'd caught the one.

At my door, spilling blood,
Key in lock, reddened face,
Inside, locked up tight,
Safe, alone, away from harm.

A story to be told,
one day...
Not yet...
Much still to do.

Torn clothes for the dump,
Hot shower for my self,
Clean heathen dirt,
From war-torn fingernail.

Another full-moon over,
One more future dread,
Cleaned up my break of day,
Only memory lasts.

Waken with horror dread,
A nightmare fills my head,
Only truth remains,
Forever hidden within a realm.

Dated: 23rd April r2007