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C*unt of a Week I

An absolute f**king c*nt of a week,
I'm p*ssed and smashed,
An' now I find out why,
And the hatred hoth rise.

Now I knows, they'll know thrice,
With what I've got fer the c*nts,,
I've lost my life,
And the warmth of Him rises.

She was beautiful,
Her dates are fer my wrath,
I'll take both him & her to hell,
And leave the tw*ts there.

I'll live and live some more,
Live and let die is my rhyme,
For my childs' lovers,
I couldn't give a flyin' f*ck.

'Cos if they're in my face,
My face will be the last they will see,
And when they truely know -
They will die.

Dated: 24th July 2005