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Dark is the path,
Walking in silence,
Creatures chatter,
Within the darkness.

Long is the path,
Eerie sounds echo around,
Silent is my head,
As I walk.

Crunching dead leaves,
Beneath my footsteps,
Breathing shallow,
Heartbeats in my nind.

The path rises upwards,
An Owl screeches,
Turning on my path,
A breeze passes.

Breathing faster,
Legs ache,
Still the forest breathes,
Quiet is the exhale.

Top of the path,
A rest and look,
The canopy around,
A full moon rides on high.

Decending on to the conclusion,
Creatures sqeal and screech,
Darkness is my mind,
A refreshing change.

Homewards for my rest,
A warm bedstead lies ahead,
Within the darkness of the forest,
And... Solitude.

Dated: 18th March 2017