Dead In Mind

Time is blank,
Memory failed;
Night is long,
Hope was naught.
Forever tommorrow,
Yesterdays' dream -
Gone to dust,
Here I am.

Banished fear,
I gave promise;
Darkness'ess mist,
Eternity lost.

Dreams I had,
Planned well and true -
It came again...
And sight was gone.

See the word,
Smell the line;
Verses written -
Lost in mime.

Pages created,
Saved in file,
Sites' surrender -
In tommorrows' dream.

I saw you -
Fiery Light,
Without the dark...
I went free.

Over sea,
Around the bay,
O'er trees so green,
Laughing still.

Oh my heart...
No longer feels -
Inner light bright;
Shadows fell.

Mind sees nothing!
Fallen out!
Wise Merlin spoke...
Abyss behind.

I will return...
No more fear,
Memory died.
Now reappear!

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