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Men - DIY Circumcision

Tonight we have a spot of home surgury.

Take thy blades in hand,
Focus of the job to do.
Spirit of accident to the left,
Several pints of hearty ale to the right;
Are we all rightously pissed?
Then let us begin.

For in the name of... Me,
Slip the blade in to position;
The flesh awaits our desire,
As the dawn awaits the sun.
Close the knives of pain,
About the tidy state;
One snip for the hope of man,
Is not the joy of woman;
And the pain is taken -
For a wound is made.

A splash of hearty spirit,
A tear or two swells -
And splashes down.
A seepage of ruddy blood,
Spilling forth over steel.

Take a draught of ale,
Like the fifty before.
Another snip and another of spirit,
Take the knife of purification,
Slipped beneath the flesh -
A jolt up and freedom beckons.

Tears swell for the unforgiving night,
A gnashing and mad mad grin.
Another ale to drain,
Reach for another,
And prey to godless night,
Another slice to be made.

Take the blade,
And let it slip beneath skin,
Around the rim to go.
Think not,
Let the surgical steel roam,
First one,
On mans' delight;
Then the second.
Blood pours unabated,
Do you dare another spirit?
In hand the quivering weapon,
The other wetly shines the blade,
A future lies with another cut...

Through alcoholic haze,
The pain burns.

With tears and blood,
The last to be made -

Looking to bloody mess,
Alcoholic maze,
A bloody Hell is made -
And who made it?

Tatters to the feel,
With nightmarish pain,
Watch the ruddy steel -
Take with a silent nick;
Your freedom awaits.

Pity the blood is lost,
And a dreamless night,
Is your own domain.

Seconds later...
Sheets are clean,
Painless world,
Meets thy stare,
Only once again,
A dreamless world awaits.

Dated:22nd August 2004