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Evil Mindset

A nightmare wakes,
Evil stepping out,
Brandishing nastiness,
Proclaiming evil is good.

Trash the gay,
Burn the witch,
Desecrate the grave,
Rape the child.

Calling the Beast to His side,
Stalking the night,
From His foaming mouth,
Spits forth liquid fire.

Having no conscience,
Plunges the rusty blade,
Ripping still beating heart,
From the innocents' breast.

Terror grips the night,
As another is saught,
The evil mindset,
Feeds the Beast.


Almost everyone has a Beast,
Sometimes dwelling deep,
Most never see,
Or won't admit.

Giving the Beast a name,
Renders a form,
And the sad sad tale,
Is that some do roam.

Dated: 16th March 2007