Creeping mists hid the dew,
Clear blue herald dawn light,
To hear the sound would be true,
But still they came on silent hoof.

Horses halted caravan and wagon,
Centre road they stood quietly waiting,
Five climbed down cannon ready,
To kill and pillage first on row.

Shots rang out before breakfast,
Two came out dragging one,
Second died half awake,
Single bullet in his head.

Third and fourth quickly followed,
Crying widows in the back,
No help came as next nine fell,
Bloody horror came so soon.

At the end one hid quiet,
As next two thundered in rocky hell,
Second to end elder shivered,
Three entered last to kill again.

She was quiet and answered still,
Alone she lived and quiet she went,
Where was he the leader asked,
Out in far field she replied.

Silent Ride

Horses mounted task fulfilled,
Wagon-train relax in tow,
Along waking road they did ride,
Lawful escort out of town.

Lamenting cries through the morn,
Though no help came for prisoner,
The men they sat holding reign,
Smoking rifle by their side.

Tarmac road they travelled slow,
Around the corner around one more,
The edge was seen ghostly time,
The tide had gone through desert blaze.

Down the ramp and out they rode,
No haste was seen from passer-by,
Calmly trotted over sand,
Tightly bound all but one.


From the field rabbit snared,
I came to silent road,
The mist floated like cigarette smoke,
The smell of death to fill the nose.

House was empty as rabbit dropped,
Stranger he felt in his own home,
Fearing worse he went next door,
Elder cried as never before.

She told her tale to startled ear,
Then he stood thinking dark,
To his house he found his gun,
Into town the hunter walked.

All was quiet along those streets,
Calm shoppers in their place,
Stillness of normality,
Was suspicion only paranoia?

Weapon hidden he spied a track,
A thin line caught in mud;
Further in a curious shape -
Mark the cloven hoof.

Along the shore sea lapped stone,
Silvered-grey suface belitted truth,
Vision closed third eye opened,
A choking sensation filled his chest.

Midday sun battlement climb,
Like the watchers of day of yore -
Looking out far beyond sea gaze;
Hearing far off cry.

Trusted Gods

Silent prayers over salty deep,
Oars splash through dripping waters,
Back relax as old power raise -
Ahead his baleful gaze.

Through dusky light muscles clench,
Along the star-walls of timed life;
Tearing forward at deathly pace,
Out to starless path.

Eternal night to softly steer,
Dividing perimeter of invisible track;
Watery hell behind hides homely land,
Striding forth dry-desert beckons.

Now has gone to never past,
Modern gods yet unborn,
Fear rises through canal of pain,
Fight against deathly rowers.

Hunger grinds deep within,
But no sustenance can be found without;
Silent proven spell in great need,
To feed the need to go on through hell.

Slowly farthest horizon a line of blue,
As edge of desert comes to end;
Now only one more road to tread,
Burning hate rises still.

Thin the dawn at edge of time,
Walls of fallen tree mark the last;
Deep within - there she works,
Until day elapse with setting sun.

Falling Out

A butt for one silent fall,
To steal a heavy knife;
A throat to slice by the gate,
Hero slips to icy ground.

He is there in fortress gate -
Watching rifles treading by;
As darkness falls a cry is heard,
Two unwary bodies found.

Now the secret is out of out,
Hands flee was butts raised high;
Lying still he watches panic rise,
As one by one shots are fired.

Starless night he knows so well,
His only friend to wish him haste,
Inside the house slaves work hard,
One knows now who walks abroad.

The guard has doubled quickly still,
In front of eye shakey barrel holds true;
Unknown but deep suspicion he spins around,
There is no rhyme as he hits the ground.

Blood is spilled from within the hall,
She has heard her brothers' call;
Knives drawn in darkened night -
More and more hear the light.


Another find by wary hands,
Brothers die at unknown time,
Sister cries a silent sob,
Hearing triumphant shout.

Barrel lifted in the air by willing hands,
To shoot lead bullet into cold cold heart;
Tears stream as grey tube cocks -
And another heart gets ripped apart.

Gatherers plan in heated room,
A single knife erupts from wall,
Aim was true as one falls still -
A plan denied by hateful hand.

Guns are drawn from the sides,
Blazing forth in frightened cause,
The men do drop as women hide;
A flashing blade rips the dark.

As daylight breaks in deep shadow,
All is still once more -
A cry is lost as he steps free,
A sister cries on red knees.


Horses saddled beyond the dawn,
A wagon made ready for travel again;
The women climb with silent prayer,
One more man is watching still.

Guns are raised one last time,
A trigger is pulled far in sheath,
A grey sheet billows as bullet pass,
For the man isn't there.

Brother sun rises high to blue,
Sister moon riding east,
She takes the leather as last have climbed,
And sits beside a gray-less figure.

A bloody knife dropped by her feet,
As he turns with hidden face,
They are one once again -
Riding out though steeled oak gates.

The light flitters all around,
Hooves thunder to the night;
Shorter still they ride back to life -
Until sea is made to part.

Now all is well and truth is hidden,
Woeful road for only last time,
Spell is broken with dreamer spell.
As grey hood is thrown back to day.

Some will wake from nightmare tale,
Others never will turn their backs;
The twins are there to this day,
With polished soul and waiting steel.


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