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Guilt of Fire

Guilty guilty guilty,
Yeah I know,
All my life -
I'll probably die of it.

You're guilty,
Maybe I knew,
Maybe maybe maybe -
You'll never know.

Guilty guilty guilty,
Know my name,
Know who I was,
Sometimes you're wrong.

You're guilty,
And now's the time to pay,
Fear fear fear,
Never came to me.

Guilty guilty guilty,
Tell it to my face,
Silence is the best defence,
When you shout at once.

You're Guilty,
According to a judge,
Prison prison prison,
I'd have killed first.

Guilty guilty guilty,
That's it - call me names,
Take away my freedom,
For something I never done.

You're guilty,
That's it - give me a name,
Never never never,
See me again.


Dated:3rd January 2005