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Lesson in Hate

It has started,
Making plans,
Tearing and ripping,
A lookout,
In the tower of pain!

Never again,
Will he steal,
Hook and line,
Meeting tomorrow,
Darken his light!

A lesson to teach,
Another in line,
Seek and catch,
A life to take,
Vengeance will be sweet!

Volitile forces,
Destructive thoughts,
Power and hate,
Eternally searching -
To take his blood!

A sickening swipe,
Shadow in the night,
Thoughtless and numb,
Loathing hostility,
Wishing for his life!

Relentless attack,
Ripping flesh,
Slashing claws,
Till he lies,
Lifeless and dumb!

Dated: 10th July 2006