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Homebrew I

Pours nice,
Interesting tashte,
Hmmm, getsh better,
Much better in fact.

Naughty thoughts... baaad,
Violent? Better... mutch better,
More drinkies... *hic*
*Glug* *hic* * burp*

Say thish tashtes berter,
Where's anuver bottel?
Hang on a tock,
Ah, sweet music to ma tashte bugs.

Feeelin' a bit funny...
'Avin' a spot o trouble in the leg department,
'Avin' a spot o trouble in the head department too,
Ground rising fast!

'Ullo carpet!
Fancy meeting you up 'ere carpet,
Surshsley yoos supposedely down on der...

Dated: 20th September 2005