I remember you,
When summers' were hot,
Dancing through natures' wild,
Rolling down grassy hilltop.

When you were young,
Fresh with Mothers' bread,
You trapped my heart,
With sparkling eyes.

From bailing twine,
Rasping over finger flesh,
Midnight laughter called -
In tune with tractor throb.

Stolen kisses in the night,
Myriad of grass-dry tunnel,
Within loves' palace,
To cry with natures' breath.

Autumn fell to winters' wealth,
Crystal formed alien land,
Slipped with snow angel,
Eyes dance with something new.

Spring came fast,
Past sap shown early grasp,
Hearts of laughing joy,
And run from Fathers' wrath.

Fast with hands where we stood,
Circle beneath apple blossom,
We all sung age-old song,
Helped with cider past.

Now there's a new song,
By the name of Jack,
Growing within wooden wall,
Fathers' barn re-born.


The years pass soon,
Many summer we did count,
Make the hay every year,
Filling empty brood.

Sweetness child in my arms,
The last of dozen year,
Completed Mothers' wish,
Time to stop my dear.

Last grew fast,
Strong as black was he,
Find in barns' late back,
Crashing fires he now tills.

Daughters' six,
Sons' are great,
Hands stretch summers' twine.
Neighbours barn playing still.

We watch your spring,
With dancing light,
Of tallest stalk,
And shakey top.

In settle deep,
Still entwined,
Spirit willing -
So's the flesh!

One last night,
One last dawn,
Child of childrens' child,
With twine doth play.

We were one past day,
Now four score high,
And counting still,
Our day is done.

Final Dawn

The final act,
We must plan,
With secret detail,
In silent night.

With grain deep hand,
I lead the way,
On furthest night,
We must go.

Our children knew,
But could not stop,
For we told them too,
Of natures' clock.

On green hilltop,
Where first we met,
We take the final sip,
Of natures' wine.

We lie together,
The dew our bed,
I close your eyes,
As mine close too.

Now we live on true,
In perfect light,
As two we travel,
To dawns delight.

We are here,
Though you see us not,
To see our life,
And laugh again.


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