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Like the flower of the name,
There's a dark beauty,
And beneath the veneer,
The darkest truth.

From petal so bright,
To root so murky -
So lies the greatest treasure...
Both sight and darkness.

I gaze at your dark beauty,
Only wishing that I could... Re-create,
For I have the sight,
But only in my darkness.

Purple and yellow are the colours,
Dark tinged leaves to be used,
As I prepare the tincture...
What's the spell I use?

Is it bright like the midday sun?
Perhaps like the new moon...
Dark as a grieving crone?
Or a love that dies before the grave?

Green fluid pouring to flask,
A little Soviet fluid makes the drink,
Arms raised and a spell is cast,
A smile or an evil grin?

Now 'tis prepared - given a name,
But only known to another,
I'll take away the pain -

Dated: 14th June 2007