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Reign On Me

Tapping into darkest feelings,
Hate and anger pushed aside,
Pain and malice apart,
Lies a much maligned sensation.

Usually caught in the middle,
Of such feelings as above,
Trapped and thrashing,
Sometimes only to emerge as jealousy.

Much saught after,
Especially by the lonely,
Or those who live in terror,
To be left to themselves.

It grew within,
When I looked elsewhere,
Encompassing the mind,
Gripping the heart.

Sudden overwhelming urges,
Seemingly out of the blue,
Filling my mind with such pleasantries,
Lifting me to a high plateu.

Looking down to where I was,
Such a sad desponant person,
Looking for something,
That could never be found.

Never look for this one,
Avoid observance in others,
That never helps,
Only to make you more desolate.

Get a life, a horrible term,
But without it you'll never experience,
A truer feeling of the heart,
That will drive you on.

Dated: 15th July 2006