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Resident Beast

Anger crawls like pestilence,
Hate snakes looking for escape,
Evil blinks;
The searing pain!

Adrenalin flooding throughout the veins,
Drug penetrates the blood,
Heart pumping madly,
Red mist rising.

Muscles swell with anticipation,
Sinues' tighten,
Fists pummel sharp sand,
Madness spills to life.

Through cellar window gaze,
The innocent trigger rises,
Fury and pain changes flesh,
What leaves never entered.

Instinct stalks the night,
Searching for fresh meat,
Silently slipping out-skirts,
Inner-city young blood.

One turns wrong,
Terror spies hellish form,
Reply with naught but gargle,
Nothing remains but nightly feed.

Dated: 3rd October 2004