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And so, the moment came,
In a place not far from here;
The path was clear -
Too damn clear,
You know the kind?
Right in front of you,
So that you don't see it?

Never heard the tolling bell,
The clang that calls the damned.
He found that place,
On the other side of sanity -
Where no one can hear you.

To silence he has gone.
For how long -
Is difficult to say,
Could be a week -
Could be a year.

It has been fun, so he told,
So many new people,
So many...

From his silent world,
of the hidden damned -
He'll watch unseen.
And in the darkest pit -
Seek the healer.
Until he, once again,
Understands solace...
And the true nature,
Of the dark.

His work'll go on,
Hopefully with strength.
Seeking his master,
Who has not been seen,
For a heck of a long time.

Dated:30th August 2004