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Target Status I

Now that sufficient time has passed,
The target situation has been upgraded,
Including are those who have done unto me,
As well as unto them are now on the list.

The list has formed to take aim the coming wane,
When the Lady darkens her light,
I'll sit and I'll wait to take my aim,
With runic thoughtform taking fearful wish.

Names known and aquired are safely stored,
Written with care aforethought,
Crafted in His name will seen be dispatched,
As the column rises above my head.

An everlasting eye that sees through all,
Seeking the target out with speed of thought,
Hitting with the force of a feather,
Taking out a small section of their life.

Dispersing with the silence of a dream,
Tearing in to their luckless souls,
With the coldest of blades,
With time changing their outlooks.

Dated: 26th September 2006