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The Beast Came Forth

While I was away,
Out of my mind,
A syndrome of mine,
He came out to play.

Spying so many,
Picking three,
Seeking the dark powers,
Casts evil spells.

Writing by numbers,
Scripting language unknown,
Watching with dread glee,
Laughing through fire.

With arcane beast,
Of Crowley's emporium,
Twisted mind called,
Then stole away.

Back into darkness,
From whence He came,
Bent dark creature,
Stealing oblivion.

One fell to violence,
Second to drunken sickness,
The last was worse -
Sent to private hell.


From a dream I awoke,
Finding shattered lives,
With a cold sick feeling,
I knew He had been abroad.

Midnight circle cast,
The seer looks within,
Through incense mist,
A fire-god laughed.

Now I have to undo,
Sheer havoc of the beast,
An almost impossible task,
Healing my friends.

An ethereal rune is drawn,
Sent upon the dawn,
Wherever I shall roam,
The same rune is cast.

Can't undo violence,
A friendship almost lost,
The drunk awoke from deathly pain,
And I clamber away from hell.

Dated: 16th March 2007