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Three Future Torments

So many paths are in view,
One to take for granted,
One to wish for,
Another on a plate.

One has taken effort,
Another with a promise,
Another waits with a word,
Which to follow?

One with a soul,
Another, a soul inside,
A third with a wish,
Latter, but a dream.

What do I wish,
Feet by the fire?
Freedom of thought?
A wait for death?

She loves me,
She douts on me,
She wishes me,
I can be all three.

Choices with chasms,
Thoughts of peril,
Where to go?
Which path to take?

Love, a freedom without choice;
Dout, a love with freedom;
Wish, without any other;
Self, a life alone.

Alone, I've got the t-shirt;
Wishing, 'tis for fools;
Dout, half a wish, half a life;
Love, what we all seek.

A choice to make,
Who can be who?
Futures to take,
And I must go.

Dated: 19 July 2006